All these books keep telling me the same thing in many different ways. Everything is Brahman and as such, so too am I. As I understand it, Brahman is that which cannot be changed, and it is that upon which the ever changing exists. It is somehow the source, the object, and neither. Brahman is not for words though words arise from it. Brahman is my true nature. I’ve come to use this word Brahman in my thoughts rather than “God” or “Universe” because these words feel far away, while Brahman is not only close, it is ultimately everything. This path I’m on tells me that through certain prescribed exercises I can uncover my true nature and realize this ultimate truth. This is the path of the yogi.


All of us are Brahman, and the paths to this truth are as diverse and plentiful as the pilgrims journeying them. This is no easy truth to recognize, and it requires diligence, determination, and also surrender. The journey is the destination, and I have come to find great joy simply from the path. The truth is that in aiming to find Brahman, I’ve found more peace with myself. In finding more peace with myself, I’ve found more peace with life. In finding more peace with life, I am realizing that it’s all Brahman.

I am not my aging body, I am not my changing mind, I am not my shifting emotions; I am my soul and my soul is Brahman.