“There is something wrong with the world when a rich man’s shampoo contains more fruit than a poor man’s plate.” That’s where we are now though.

10748542_362771640549300_1046711244_nWe enjoy competing with and winning over one another. We like to have sides with winners and losers. Our species blames and fears and fights. Until we learn to value compassion over competition and harmony over winning, we shall not evolve. No matter how great our technology becomes, we have not learned to care for one another and relinquish our desire to be better than. This is holding us back, and it is quite literally destroying our world.

The desire, as a single individual, to own more than one needs to live comfortably and enjoyably is now morally wrong. We know that we are destroying the earth because of our over use of fossil fuels and our unprecedented consumption. Certain experts have hypothesized that man is looking to colonize another planet because it is likely that we will destroy our own. What I do not understand is why we do not mend our ways and heal the lovely home with which we were blessed.

Thus far, we have been largely driven by fear and greed. Given the savage nature of our ancestors, it is no wonder that these instincts are within us. These instincts are no longer serving us and keeping us alive though. Instincts that may have, at one time, protected one from famine or drought, kept a clan alive, and prevented one from being attacked are now the very instincts that are killing our planet and all the species upon it.11373797_1033437423334837_216581440_n

The feeling of separateness and desire to hoard, the fear that creates greed, has to be replaced with the need to uplift and support. Consider if we worked collectively to improve the lot of the lowliest and most fragile lives on earth, how everything else would rise to a new standard. If, instead of being enemies who look upon one another and the world with suspicion, we embraced one another as family, we’d honor the gift of consciousness and free will we were given. The old way, the way we live now, doesn’t work, and it never really did. It was a lovely experiment, but now it is time to move on.

The longing to collect, and the actual collection of mass resources and wealth, has enslaved us for a very long time. It is now bringing us to the brink of destruction. We need to make a different agreement to work together to make everyone’s lives great. Fear needs to stop driving us and harmony needs to be embraced. We can save the world and ourselves, but we all have to agree to do it. It is a great time to be alive, and it is time for our species to collectively rise to meet our destiny. Let us rise to be Gods and honor the gifts we were given.