Anyway, I guess it’s just about love. The world will surely try to make you forget, so please don’t. It’s about love. We hate and anger so quickly, let us be so free with our love… Like a damn dog!

One of my favorite stories is about a king named Yudhistra who gives up his wealth in search of Heaven. During his arduous journey, a mutt starts to follow him and his party made up of his brothers and the most amazing queen, Draupadi. While at first the dog is a burden, an unnecessary mouth to feed, by the end of the story she becomes the test of loyalty and truth. You see, over the journey Yudhistra loses all that he holds dear. Death eventually claims all those he loves except this dog, and after many years, they become family.
Their journey together is not an easy one, and the prize will be hard won. Yudhistra learns much of self and life, and over these challenging years, he knows what core values drive him; this is good as he is greeted by the proud and daunting Indra, God of storm. The thunder roars to Yudhistra, “You are a wise and kind being. Heaven in this life is open for you. While you are welcome, your beast is not. Leave your companion here or go back from whence you came.” All these years and sacrifices, he has given all for this, given his kingdom, watched all those he loves perish, traveled years and thousands of miles, and all for this! He looks at her, his only friend left and then back at Indra. “I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be,” laments Yudhistra, and as he turns to go… In that moment, the dog transforms into the beautiful angel Dharma, truth and righteousness incarnate. “Yudhistra, you truly are worthy,” she sings. “Even when you are tempted with all you desire, you remain true to the humblest of loves. Love is the answer, loyalty to that which is true. You’ve always been at Heaven my friend.” Then together, the two became into the light.