Dear Future Me,

For many years, I thought that you would be at peace if only I could just find the right… car, job, partner, hobby, etc. Even though I’ve put forth the work through therapy, yoga, healthy eating, and making art; even though I have a job that inspires my soul like air inspires fire; and even though I know that I deserve goodness, I have not always believed in you. There are days where I feel so caught up in my fear and my self-doubt that I don’t even give you a chance to be free. I apologize for not believing in your limitless potential, and I pledge to actively show you that I am in love with you today and everyday until we fall back into the fold of existence.

From this day forth, I will treat myself with the softness and tenderness with which I treat a lover. No longer will I allow myself to abuse my spirit with trepidation or limiting ideas; instead I will dare to dream big and know that my dreams are goals I deserve to achieve. Stories from my childhood about my worth no longer serve me, and so I will shatter those fetters that tie me to a past that does not even exist. Just as I would with a child, I offer myself patience and forgiveness along my journey so that I may be vulnerable and able to lean without fear that I shall be dropped.

There will be times when strength requires allowing another to support you. I’m doing the work to open my heart so that I can both offer and receive love. For years I believed I had to be my rock, an island strong enough to bolster others without need of buttressing, but I love you enough to let you be in family with another. I will no longer tolerate partners who do not recognize my worth because I love myself enough to wait, alone, until someone who fits perfectly into my heart comes along.

This has been a great life thus far, and I look forward to seeing how “me today” becomes the you of tomorrow. I hope that we fall in love and raise a family, have wild adventures, and continue to live in a way that adds kindness to the world while allowing us to be as free as possible. May all our wildest dreams come true.